Ring of Darkness

Welcome Fellow Traveler to the realm of Middle Earth!

Since last you visited some 300 years have past. Much has changed. But as an avid adventurer, you are encouraged to reacquaint yourself with Middle Earth through the tales inscribed as The Ring of Darkness.

Lest I forget, let me remind you that it has been some 300 years since the more familiar and wondrous lands of Middle Earth were last described by Bilbo Baggins in the mythical tale The Lord of the Rings.

You are invited to assist in translating the three new tomes to the mythical saga, on which we have all grown up. A tale we all know by heart and love.

You will find a portal to the Synopsis of the first tome of this trilogy.

Should you feel your fellow chroniclers have erred in their representation of events, we certainly invite you, whether companion or not, to submit any response and criticism. Please, submit such entries on our Fellow Scribe listing. (to come)

Whatever your pleasure be, we welcome ye all to The Ring of Darkness!