The Ring of Darkness

Tome 1: The Elven Dagger

Preface An introduction to the tale that follows.

The Elven Dagger Where the hobbit Folco befriends the dwarf Thorin and resolves to leave the Shire. In their journey through the Borrow Downs and Annuminas, they discover an ancient secret. Taking on a new friend into their companionship, their quest begins to take shape.

Moria and Beyond The three companions travel through Moria, then on to Isengard. Needing to get to Arnor as quickly as possible, they decide to sail north to assist in a great battle that unfolds in Arnor.

The entire first Tome is available here in Russian.

Tome 2: The Black Spear

The three warrriors continue in their travels along the roadways of Middle Earth in pursuit of Olmer, the King without a Kingdom and current Lord of the Ring of Darkness. Wherever they go, war is ever-present. Only a miracle will save them from the mortal strike of the Black Spear.

Read the English translation of Chapter 5 of The Black Spear here.

The entire second Tome is available here in Russian.

Tome 3: Адамант Хенны

The entire third Tome is available here in Russian.